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Implement better team balancing or allow players to swap teams

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DICE please consider this as it happens a lot and it is emptying servers. Make an algorithm that shuffles players based on their level and distribute evenly across both teams. This will ensure more quality games to happen.


  • EvoCyberNation
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    I can see where this would work in some aspects, but then not work in others. They would have to extremely fine tune this. People that are in groups wouldn't like this. I can see that this post will be picked apart.

    Overall, I agree that there needs to be features put in place in order to even out the teams. It just really needs to be fine tuned, drastically, in order to make sure things still function properly.
  • CSO7777
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    The balance is not as good as it could be. But compared to BF1 its much better.

    BF1 had a big problem with team-switching, which just made balancing even worse. As soon as a team was loosing, some players switched teams when possible. Removing this from the game was necessary for Dice to even try to balance the games. This was also abused to boost win%-scores.

    In BF1, most games where unbalanced, in BFV the balance overall is much better (but still can be improved).
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