Just a list of all the constant bugs and other gameplay absurdities



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    Can anyone explain to me why there is Somalian or black man Germany plane when I play grand operations and soldier uniform are looking British?! Dice try to change history? 🤔
  • borschelrh2
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    I also have spawned a couple times outside the map. Once it was while parachuting and I was lost in the clouds never landing, several other times spawned below the map. You can respawn so it doesn't require a reboot, but it is a problem.

    I also frequently spawn right in front of an enemy who then shoots me before I can even start doing anything. This happens a lot to me. The respawn points seem to be fixed and some players camp knowing where you will pop out and just shoot you. Several times there spawn points are all unavailable for several minutes so yet another problem.

    I also am seeing more than a few players who always kill me on the first long range shot and many players seem to be moving side to side rapidly so you can't hit them. This indicates some kind of cheating going on which I thought was impossible on the PS4. It is very frustrating to have more than a few on a team doing this.
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