[BFV][PS4][USA/CA] // [81st] adults-only, PTFO platoon

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The [81st] Armor Regiment is a Battlefield-Playstation platoon, in operation since BF3. We have now officially migrated to BFV and are looking for loyal and active players to join our ranks. We require that you are 18+ (as this is an adults-only platoon); also that you have a microphone, and have good communication skills, or are at least willing to learn. We do not need "solo" players, or "kill feed reporters" who yell over the mic on our roster. No certain skills or stats are required, no resumes. We are a USA platoon, additional players from CA, NL, SWE, UK, FR; total members 50+. We play mostly Conquest and Operations on USA east-coast servers. Contact me on PSN to get started!

See you on the Battlefield!!
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