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Hello! I think a lot of time, what would be usage of the modern neuro networks (like windows Cortana or Siri), so, have you thinked about AI ingame bots that can learn on the recorded earlier player tactics by REAL players? Modern internet is full of recorded games, full of streams and contents "how-to-play", and game just need to synchronise new data with neuro networks (some connect to the internets at now is not a great problem), but the main idea that not change ALL game files, we need to change the configuration files that rules AI and update it periodically based on the recorded games by players. The gamers has different and changing gaming styles, and of course, we must wait a AI soldiers who will do a teabag, rendezook, kill jets with RPG or draw a funny signs on the walls his repair tool. This is only right usage of artifical intellect, i think. For much fun only.


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    That would be pretty cool. Would be nice to have bot players who play like real players fill empty spots on a team.

    They would have to be integrated into said games of course because i can imagine a lot of cheaters would go wild with them if they weren't.
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    just pm a moderator next time.
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