Sadly I know that this game, although it does bring a lot of enjoyment and fun at times, it also brings its wealth of frustration and headaches - bugs, server crashes, horrible mechanics and so on, we have had our fair share of crap coming trough our way. Now, we can add another one - EA server is NOT registering your wins on their server.

I have been trying to complete Snostorm for a few days now, completing the assignments and I have actually been enjoying it, having an incentive to get out of the shoot and run routine is actually quite good, as well as knowing that other challenges were on the way. It all seemed fine and dandy, until one day I noticed that although I captured 3 positions in one game play, it only registered 2 - I found that odd but again a multitude of things might have impacted it - maybe I left the zone just as it was being conquered, I died, etc. - anyway I went back and re-did the whole thing, and it registered. Then, I noticed that my points were not updating on my profile to a point where i had to restart the game - no, not the match, the whole game... I decided to do a bit of checking whilst waiting for the game to re-boot and some people were complaining about the exact same thing. But then I got to the final operation and boy oh boy - having to win a grand operation can be a big challenge, especially when going against really good teams, which my team did and as such we lost 1 grand operations - no shame, I mean it happens - but then we won the 2 grand operation, i was hyped! I completed the whole thing and would get the nice juicy XP boost and sweet rifle, but wait, whats that? No change to my game, no sweet XP, no sweet rifle? Yes, that's right almost 2 hours of gaming, no record was made on the server and all this progress was for nothing. I was so angry, but i did it again, because i really wanted that sweet rifle, so i restarted the CONSOLE!!! to make sure that this wasn't an issue from my end and started the whole thing all over again, but this time i recorded it!! and lo and behold - again, no record whatsoever, now almost 3 hours for nothing - well not exactly, video evidence of the servers not working properly

I contact support, and the answer was - i will log this for you and here is our forum... like the fact that we can vent our frustration with their permission really changes anything.

EA - FIX YOUR GAME!!!!! And where is my damn sweet rifle? I get it, servers are crap sometimes but at least give out some company coin or XP for the hours put into your damn tasks!!!


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    Same [removed] contacted support twice first person was really unhelpfull and said i never won a round like i was lying
    the second person i contacted gave me the gun that is rewarded but still it isnt logged and i didnt get the xp bonus
    I have been really ok so far with how bad this game is but this thing really made me think that this is my last battlefield
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