Internet 4.0 and maybe no hackers in it?

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Internet 4.0 (Quantum Internet)
In quantum cryptography, the encrypted code is now transmitted by means of pairs of strongly entangled light particles, which share transmitter and receiver. If a °spy or hacker° tries to measure the property of a photon before it has reached the receiver, the transmitter can detect it immediately. Because the partner of the tinted light particle immediately changes its properties. The eavesdropping is unmasked. The two communication partners then generate a new key.
So far, you could be connected in this way to only two participants safely, even over distances of several hundred kilometers. In order to be able to create a network with several nodes, it took a great deal of technical effort. Each participant had to have his own light source, which he used to generate the photons for the quantum messages. Each additional data line makes such a network error-prone and restricts the communication between the partners. A man called Prof. Ursin and his colleagues have solved the dilemma with new network architecture.
All four participants are now supplied from a central light source with pairs of entangled photons. The photon pairs are generated like in a rainbow in different wavelengths, which makes it possible to distribute them clearly among the participants. Each participant is thus able to generate a quantum key and use it for secure communication with another partner.
"A key advantage of this architecture is its flexibility, "says Ursin. "We are thus able to integrate new communication partners into the quantum network - with minimal intervention. This shows that quantum networks can become a reality - for everyone. "Whether the new quantum network architecture is in fact as easily expandable as the Austrian researchers believe must now prove further experiments. Then maybe you would not have to fear a hacker attack in a few years' time.

So if I understnd this right...
He is building an AC system for the internet...
Kudos Prof. Ursin
I see a potential for the gaming industry in this one.
Translation- me


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