4th Rifles Battalion - Xbox One - MilSim Recruitment

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Welcome all potential recruits.

We here at 4th Rifles are currently recruiting, looking for players of all ability to grow our unit.

I am the Commanding Officer of the 4th Rifles Battalion 1Lt Ace Spotter.

I have a trusted team as my command staff including the likes of:
1Lt RedHeartQueen98 - Document Management
1Lt The Camy P - Recruitment Lead
2Lt SoddenSword550 - Medic Drill Sergeant

We operate on the XBOX ONE, we play Battlefield 4 to a high standard allowing the best of the best to grow bigger and better and to allow younger or less talented player to grow to a higher level of play.

4R operates with a view to work as a MIL-SIM meaning we have an infrastructure which allows us to work together to achieve the best play style possible.
Within our hierarchy with have many Officers and Enlisted as we follow the ranking structure of the 4th Rifles Battalion (British Unit)

We operate alongside other Rifles units such as:

1st Rifles - Lead By: [1R] CAPT Darren160607
2nd Rifles - Lead By: [2R] Lt. Kitten
3rd Rifles - Lead By: [3R] LtC Yamyam

If you are interested about joining please message anyone below on Xbox:
Ace Spotter
The Camy P

Please see your platoon page and apply if you would like to join: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/4060810314625863043/

See you on the Battlefield soldier!
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