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A Competitive Battlefield League

Tier One Esports League also known as Tier One Gaming Live was established in June 2014 to fill a void in the Battlefield 4 competitive scene, based in North America. After five events over approximately two years time Tier One became the premiere league for teams searching for a professional, sportsmanlike atmosphere to compete in.

At the start of Battlefield 1 Tier One began expanding rapidly into both Africa and Europe in an effort to connect competitive players from all regions of the world into one large community. The league primarily focuses on Conquest and Frontlines as the game modes of choice, and eventually expanding into Incursions upon it’s release for console.

Our highest priority is to provide players with a fun, fair, respectful, and competitive environment void of the toxic nature commonly found in the competitive scene, this is where we stand out from other leagues and it’s been our mission to ensure all players and teams are treated with the fairness and respect they deserve.

Join The League

If you or your platoon are on Playstation 4 (or any platform yet still interested in the league), you can find a link to our Discord server on our website and get in touch with us. There is no platoon too big or too small, too good or too bad, if your platoon wants to join a league where they can grow and have support while doing it, then Tier One Esports League is the place for you!

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