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Hi all
Now I know this is not the right place but apparently I am unable to post anything in the bfv section.
I was hoping to get some feedback from people in my situation.
I am a die hard BF fan since 42 and the only FPS games I play.
I was recently banned from BFV for breaking the rules, sometimes they mention breaking the rules sometimes they mention cheating.

I know I'm not the best gamer but not unknown to have fairly good matches (avg 2 kdr).
Have had hackusations while playing since as long as I can remember since BF3 although I've never used hacks or cheats in my life.

I've been mailing the customer service, demanding proof to my ban but they will not provide anything other than a link to the rules..

Always pre ordered, premium and ultimate editions as I love the franchise. Now they just steal my money it feels like.
I'm at a loss and looks like EA won't help me further..
Does anyone have any clue what options there are? Anyone had the same thing happen before?


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    You appeal to tos as per the link in your email. That is your only course of action.
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