It's time Microsoft buys DICE !

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Hello smart people :)

It's quite a hot topic to post on EA's own forum, but one has to be daring enough.
Hoping the CEO or some high level officer reads it, because it doesn't need any explanation and it totally makes sense.

Microsoft as a forward looking company and switching to a very pro consumer friendly policy, seeing the enormous potential it has for their entertainment and gaming portfolio, it wouldn't want to waste time and rather invest good willed resources in getting DICE more and more involved within the Microsoft and Xbox's line of products and philosophy ranges.

Let to EA, DICE is definitely doomed, this is a quite a certain faith. Considering the genuine knowledge and skill of DiCE studios, especially Stockholm, it would be a huge mistake not to initiate any action to gain ownership. It would also be a critical loss to the video game culture and legacy.

Now Microsoft has the opportunity to get of one the most advanced gaming engine and profit of some of the most engaged developers and their community and fan base.

Not to mention the ability to revive legendary IPs like Rallisport Challenge or Midtown Madness, include their spirit in Forza franchise and spruce up some of their shooters with a very advanced engine, and even opening a new serie of real life based shooter or RPG to enter with a heavy and powerful hand in this major market.
Actually after a thorough play-though the potential of making an open-world shooter out of Battlefield and Frost's Engine, something more and better than Just Cause, Mercenaries and Ubisoft's Open-Worlds like Far Cry (as a 1st person open world shooter) and Tom Clancy's titles.

I really believe this will totally pay off. Economically, Socially, Industrially and Technologically



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