BFV Weekly Debrief - Jan 7 - Chapter 2: Lighting Strikes, CC Accrual, Missions Tracking



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    The CC fix doesn't work for me either :/ , any ETA on fix?
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    ANOTHER Repost......and still no communication or feedback on this subject here or anywhere else. Why is this query being swept under the rug, more or less, unanswered? How many personnel must I include for this "legitimate" and "game breaking" issue that was "promised for delivery" but was not?

    Original Post: January 15th
    1st Repost: January 17th
    2nd Repost: January 21st

    DigitalContagion wrote: »


    Any word about players being able to claim and assign "Special Assignments" in between rounds without exiting the players current game? This was a discussion during one of the DEV Q&A Life Streams on Twitch back in late November and it was mentioned that players would be able to conduct the said following in the December 4th patch. Players have not been able to do as mentioned since the Q&A, have not heard any follow ups about this topic and when players expect this change?

    Currently, players are still required to exit game, go to Armory > claim Shipments for weapon skins > Assignments > Activate Assignments > Return to "Play" > queue for game. It's a rinse and repeat system I strongly believe players are exhausted from conducting over and over.

    Any info here or Twitter would be "much" appreciated. Thanks!

    Repost: Can anyone else provide some feedback about when we can expect a change in the "Special Assignment" category? Thanks.

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