(XB1 - MILSIM) Join The 94th Special Operations Unit Today!! Discord REQUIRED!!!

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Welcome All Potential New Members/Recruits!

We here at The 94th Special Operations Unit are currently recruiting, looking for players of all ability to grow our unit.

I am the Commanding Officer of The 94th Special Operations Unit First-In-Command M. Lyons

My Command Staff:
Second-In-Command WinterWolf - Head of Armored Deployment
General Babcock - Head of Infantry Deployment
General Tyler - Head of Naval Deployment
First Lieutenant Arnold - Head of Recruitment

Hello, Welcome To The 94th on XBOX ONE, The Requirements are as Follows:
- Working XBOX ONE
- Working XBOX ONE Headset/Microphone
- Working Disk or Digital Copy of Battlefield 4 For XBOX ONE
- Working Mobile Device (Includes, but is not limited to: Phone, Tablet, Pc, Desktop, etc.)
- Discord For A Mobile Device (Download Via Windows, Google Play, Apple Store, etc.)
- Access To The Internet
- Access To XBOX LIVE
- Must Be of Age 16+
- Must Fill Out An Application
- Must Speak To An Administrator For Membership

Please, To Show Your Support Visit Our Website: https://94th.bubbleapps.io/ and our Discord: https://discord.gg/fqk9aHH for Official Recruitment!!

If you are interested about joining please message anyone below on Xbox Inquiring about The 94th!:
Freakout LV

Please see your platoon page and apply if you would like to join: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/1876604414400957242/

See you on the Battlefield soldier! Thank You For Your Support!

First-In-Command M. Lyons

Commanding Officer In-Charge: The 94th Special Operations Unit
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