Fairness in camping especially in a tank!!!!!!!!!!!

Look it is an expansive map pack....great, I get it. Here is what repeatedly grinds my gears, if someone spawns in a tank and stays behind their lines, meaning the marked out area I am not allowed into with out the game killing me.....how is it fair, the tank can camp and repeately kill me over n over....If I cannot get to him, then why should he be allowed to kill me? If I am not allowed to attack back there, then the DEVS ought to make it to where they have "X" amount of time to get outta spawn IF they are there for a set "X" amount of time. SO damned frustrating to continuously get spawn camped on and not be able to do ANYTHING about it!!!!!!!!!!!! Furthermore, fix the weapons in this game, sheesh....the weapons were not that bad back then, I know, I have fired many of these at the range and in my back yard.


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