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Hello all!!
Are you tired of looking for new gaming clans every few months? I would like to tell you about Revolution of Gaming, and you will never have to look for another clan again. Our community is one that once you are apart of, you'll want to stay and wonder why you didn't find it sooner. Revolution of Gaming has been around since 2008 and is an online gaming clan made by gamers for gamers. We are a multi-platform gaming community, with different brigades for each game. We currently have Brigades for Battlefield (X1), Call of Duty (X1), Overwatch (X1), and a Fortnite Brigade for all platforms. RoG is a very active community, we have dedicated Event Staff team members who are always working on new community events to host, and you can also find your competitive fix through our Mastery of Arts challenges. We have a organized rank structure that helps keep the community running smoothly, but also have a Gamer title for those who want to game more casually without the responsibility of holding a rank. We have both casual and competitive players from around the world.

I am recruiting for CrossFire Brigade. We have many active players who play together often and have a great time. Don't worry if you are just now starting on BattleField V, there are a ton of people who are willing to help get you started and learn to get better. We are always looking for more people to join our family! If you want to join an active community with players who enjoy gaming as much as you do, then Revolution of Gaming is the place for you!

Here are some instructions on how to join:
Visit our website, Once you get there, you will be able to see a Register Button in the top left. Make sure that your account name is the same as your gamertag when you register. Make sure to list my gamertag, RoG WeirdDude, as your referrer. Once you have made account and confirmed your email, you can view all of our brigades by clicking on the Join a Brigade tab at the top of your screen. This will allow you to apply to CrossFire Brigade by filling out a quick form. Once your application is accepted, you will receive an official welcoming message in your website inbox. I encourage you to explore the Revolution of Gaming website while you wait on your application to be accepted. This gives you a chance to jumpstart meeting people, and see all what RoG has to offer.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to message one of the following people on Xbox Live: RoG WeirdDude, RoG OverDose, RoG Cody120039, or RoG D3basa. Alternatively, you can feel free to post here or message me here as well.


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    There is a platoon page you can post in bro... probably gonna have a better success rate posting on that
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