[SEEK] / [PC-NA] PTFO player looking for SQUAD members [PC-NA]

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Hello people,

My name is VanLowen and I am a battlefield veteran (Battlefield 3 lover). [PC]

I am tired of playing alone and i know that i will far more enjoy this game with a SQUAD.

Like i said in the title, i am a Teamplay and PTFO player (Play The **** Objectives).
But i am also a INFANTRY player.

Then i am mostly playing:
-Medic (most useful class to win a game)
-Assault (i enjoy thoses guns)

Here are my stats at BFV: https://battlefieldtracker.com/bfv/profile/origin/vanlowen17/overview

I am playing and domination and small frontlines the most but i don't really mind.

Age: 20
Language: French mostly but i also talk English.
Country: French Guiana (South America)
Servers: Americans (because of the ping)
Style: Infantry / Teamplay / PTFO player .... I like to rush like a **** and do kills.

If you are like me looking for a squad members please ADD ME ON ORIGIN : vanlowen17

I am hopefully waiting for people like me.

Thanks for reading and i'll see you guys ... on the battlefield.

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