I'd love some kind of progress bar to let me know how i'm doing.

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Like on SPM, I have no idea what would be classed as [low- average - high]. I know they'll never do it but it would be good to know from a development point of view how you were performing at their game. In this game i'd assume i'm doing terribly compared to BF1 because in BF1 my SPM was 1300, but it's only 400 in this, so in my head I think i'm doing terribly, but when you look at people who are considered good players, their SPM is also usually under 1000 in this game as well so maybe the scoring system is different? TRN is good but it would be nice to have an official average just to let you know if you're playing the game as well as intended, and some sort of scale to see how well you're performing. Plus TRN seems broke most of the time for this game.

I'm aware that a lot of people don't care about stats so before you say 'why don't you just play the game for fun and stop worrying about stats', I like stats. I enjoy seeing myself get better at the game and I enjoy seeing areas I can improve on. It's almost like the FPS version of a sidequest for me haha. Are there any kind of official stat records, or is it all just a guessing game? And would something like this probably put off players who don't like having their stats tracked?

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