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    What I do and don't want is beside the point, you're still wrong about what you posted, I stopped reading after "every battlefield had a decent killcam..some players here are confused with other games prob." and if you actually did start with 1942, you would know just how wrong it was and probably wouldn't be a big fan of kill cams in the first place.

    killcams lile this werw introduced im bf series since bf bc2. in previous bfs still had a killcam with who killed u and with what. unless u are all battlefield veterans i dont see the bad point on killcams as they never bothered me. you guys should cry for more important things instead of stupid things like killcam. start crying with class balance so we can see a change in superclass aka assault

    You seem to be the one doing all the crying though, crying about how good the kill cam is and crying at players that don't want it or like it in their game.

    I honestly don't remember there being a kill cam in BC2 but it was a great game never the less and the kill feed on previous titles ain't the same as a kill cam, just saying.

    There is a kill cam in BFBC 2. I occasionally still play it on 360 just for laughs. I’m guessing you are a PC player. For console players BF really didn’t become popular until BFBC2. There was 1943, but BF as a series really took off on console with BC2. You should have knowledge enough to know that and not be so dismissive when people say every. The point is kilcams have been in the series so long that it has been accepted as a standard feature in the series.

    The point was, battlefield was 8 years old before they added it and there was many titles in that time frame without it, so that makes it 9 years since it's been added to BF games, so it's sort of half and half really so how is that being dismissive to his "every game had it" comment, I would say it was the other way around, wouldn't you.
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    Yeah I understand how the Kill Cam concept works, thanks for clearing that up. Still don't remember it being in since 1942 though :)

    Wasn’t there a camera pan to the position from where you got shot? But no zoom or anything fancy.

    Yeah pretty sure there was, that was my first BF game and I vaguely remember that.

    The camera moved out to the sky where you died on 1942 and just pointed up to the sky where you died on bf2.
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    I love playing recon, it's the class I play a lot. On certain maps I have spots where players just cannot find me or at least take quite awhile to figure it out. I've got the last two assignments for the recon guns camping in the same spot and not moving. It's easy to say 'move spots' but to be honest most maps don't have a whole lots of 'spots' e.g. Devastation. Kill cam makes the recon class weaker than it already was, that's just my opinion.

    I've spent many matches trying to find those spots and use them to my advantage through heaps of trial and error. Now, with this new kill cam its totally destroyed the style of play I enjoy. If there were hardcore servers I would elect to be more mobile but with recon guns requiring HS for kills, my single shot bolt actions just don't hold up in close combat with other classes.

    The worst part is there are still bugs in the game that many have complained about yet instead of fixing them they've just added content which nobody wanted. If only I bought the game for a year and no outright, I can't see myself playing this unbalanced game much longer.
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