Support (MMG) is now NERFED back to the stone age in BF5


  • Skitelz7
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    Zenga wrote: »
    Check my battle reports. Last played Dec 17th. You think I just retired or something? I'm sorry man, MMGs shred when used correctly. It's not like you're Medic stuck playing with SMGs, you have options. In their role (holding down lanes, etc) they are unbeatable. They are situational though and are but one weapon type on Support. If you get into a round where it's not working for you switch up your gear. That's true with every class that has weapon variation.

    What you don't seem to understand is that once you main an MMG for a while, it's incredibly hard to just switch up to a completely different weapon mid game. It's not just a different gun, it's a totally different play style. I occasionally play medic (badly). I can't tell you how many times I just instinctively go prone before engaging.

    That sounds like a personal problem.
  • Zenga
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    Skitelz7 wrote: »
    That sounds like a personal problem.

    To you. To me it seems like a problem caused by the fact that I play with the only gun type in the game that requires a soldier to first drop to floor. Eventually it becomes just second nature. Muscle memory. Call it whatever you want.

  • KingsportCowboy
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    Assaults really are trying to put us out completely. It's working too. Why do you hate us, dice? :(
  • Kayback
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    I am saying however that Idle players do not play the objective.

    And defending flag / choke points around the flag or killing literally everyone trying to re-capture flag is what ? Isnt that objective play ?

    Because it is.

    Every time we capture flag and opposite team does same, i always prepare myself position which is overlooking possible ways from enemy flag to our flag. I do my job, i spot people, i kill several people at once utnil some assault 3 taps me from 200 meters away or random lvl15 recon outta nowhere. But people are always salty if i wipe 2 squads because im camper. They wish me cancer and death in family.

    So many times. Laughed at for wiping 7 or 8 guys while "camping outside the objective protecting my KDR".

    To be G43'd and watch the guy revive the medic to revive everyone while they capture the point. Sigh.
  • Zenga
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    The issue is that the "general public" considers PTFO through the eyes of the Assault - because that's what most people play. And in their view the area between 2 objectives is simply a running course, not to be interfered with. They're not thinking that you just prevented them from even entering the zone, or slowed them down to give your team more team to capture a flag - they're thinking "this guy is just camping here in the bush, building up his KDR".

    Even worse is when you intercept their flank, something I've come to do a lot lately. I know they will try it and I know they will chose to go with wichever side has more cover (the one with less cover is usually where the snipers like to be) and I set up and wait. And sure enough, here they come, running straight without a pause. And when you mow them down, they cry. Because in their view you're not PTFO. Even though you just stopped them from flanking your team.
  • ShizukuEnju
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    Actually theres no problem with MMGs, I used to take an MG42 in attack and defend and found no problem with it. The tip is to prone whenever there is a corner or somewhere you expect enemy will come out. Nevertheless I found no problem sniping enemy with MMGs (if you spam enough bullet eventually you will hit the target) when I am on tap fire.
    But I do agree MMGs need a buff as the bipod are still broken, making it VERY unfavourable for taking it in attack (or quick actions, like following the team and deploy the gun quick to lock down an ally) as the bipod always disable in wierd timings, also the map pushes you sometimes making you out of your scope, and if you aim right after you prone the gun will fly all over your screen etc.
    To conclude, MMGs need a FIX but not a buff
  • TKing2
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    Give MMGs the option to duck down like the tank gunners do. Most people hate the prone bush/corner camper so go and buff the intended playstyle playing MMG behind proper cover. I love the MMG playstyle and theyre the guns i have the most kills/playtime with i suppose but it is so frustrating that even in the best position you can be as an MMG like shutting down an area while being behind a sandboxwall you get instantly shot from any decent sniper.
    The problem? Sniping is far too easy in this game together with the fact that there is no real suppression like in the old battlefields makes us a red dot target with "kill me please" on it.
    Like others have mentioned above after the bipod nerf it is much harder to kill someone on longer ranges so you usually take a couple of seconds more which is enough to tell everyone 1km around you that you static bipoded and that a dear sniper or action man should please shoot you in the head since its so easy.
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