Selectable dailies

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Hi all.

I think it would be nice if we could have three selectable dailies for each class, rather than just having the ones that DICE give us.

That way if you tend to play a particular class more often then all your dailies can be for that class. Or you can mix and match them as you like, say, 2 for Assault and 1 for Medic etc.

But you can only select any one combination of x 3 per day (you can't do them all).



  • Hawxxeye
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    for example I would like to opt out of any dailies involving the recon doing damage with its gimped weapons and gadgets (especially AP mines which depend on the enemy failing their spot check more than anything)
  • Dr_X2345
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    If they fix the CC issue where not everyone is recieve good it properly and you don't get any after 50 I don't think this would really be needed. Also, I've not really noticed many overly specific challenges? Mine have mostly been getting kills/damage with certain weapon types or classes, explosive damage or playing gamemodes, I don't think I've got any for AP mines for example.
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