Why so many crybabies- squad conquest



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    @BaconRebellion meet part of your problem.....
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    I played it for the 3 rounds I was forced to play it for for Tides of War. Its trash in my opinion and just highlights everything that is wrong with the game. You can see how terrible the team balance is, as well as the matchmaking. The way the flags are laid out highlight the bad decisions for the level designs. Due to the 8v8 its really noticeable to see how much of a negative impact the weak tanks have to your team especially when everyone runs assault. Not to mention the visibility issues and terrible spawns.

    I have no interest in this game mode and the fact Im forced to play it makes me enjoy it even less. Ill stick with Breakthrough as my main game mode in this game.

    Don't solo que.... everything here you mentioned can be fixed with a mic talking team.

    no, i'll que solo and then will proceed to sit in spawn idle while i get the 3 required games for said assignment. i'll do dishes or house chores and just walk by to jiggle the sticks so im not timed out.


    Which I think helps with my point. If 1 player is AFK in Breakthrough, TDM, CQ etc its not that big of a deal. It sucks but the rest of the team can manage. Hell even if a squad is AFK in the 64 player modes anyway, the rest of the team may struggle but will still be able to manage.

    1 player AFK in SC and that team is now at such a disadvantage and that causes a giant imbalance now. If you have 2 players camping in a tank at their base in CQ its not a big deal but in SC it is. Thats now 1/4 of your team not doing anything helpful.

    Player issue. NOT a game design problem

    Its both. Its a game design problem because DICE was too lazy or didnt care enough to implement a function that would kick players from a server if they went AFK for too long.

    we arent AFK, im usually moving the joysticks or maybe in the menu for 3 rounds. sorry, like was stated above, nobody forcing me to play it so its a non issue

    Do u listen to urself?
    Is their no problem, with people in your team beeing afk? What type of person are u lol, one of a kind.


    because the 0-7 or 0-8 recon im forced squads with are just ptfo? most of time you have a team trying and one not. i just needed the assignment so idc

    mvp mindset👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

    i have zero interest in playing how you prefer me too.

    Dont personalize dude.
    Nobody wants players like this.

    U should get connected to other afks so 64 players chilling in their base, waiting for their assigment. Wack.



    still not interested, thanks though

    Yea, i bet so.
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