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    Commentary was annoying... Obviously they need a better anti cheat in the game due to people like this but to be honest I haven't encountered a hacker in the 130+ hour that I have played or streamed this game..... If I do I just switch servers and not complain about it.

    Haven't encountered a hacker "that you know of". 99 percent of the hackers aren't using aimbots, or aren't using the aimbots with settings to full auto headshot. Modern aimbots can vary body parts hit and percentage, so you can still "miss". The most common cheat is the radar hack/ESP, which is virtually undetectable and will not result in someone being 150-0, but is a significant aid. I've only been able to prove 3 of them in the entire time I've played BFV. It's pretty easy, you hide somewhere where nobody would ever think of going and don't make a sound, and wait until they come and kill you. When they do this a few times in different locations, you know they are cheating. There are also damage cheats out there which mean the player can take less or do more damage per hit, but there's almost no way for a player to prove someone is using those.

    To make it seem like nobody is cheating is really dishonest- certainly more people get accused than are doing it, but it's a problem and not always as evident as the video above.
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