The Wall of Immortality

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Simple. Sometimes I'm in a match and there is one player that is reviving EVERYONE. Or there is the player who ends up with a torn rotator cuff because he/she is throwing so much ammo. Or you join a random squad, and the squad leader is doing everything a good squad leader should do, resulting in a Top Squad for the match. Basically, I come across random players who make my experience more fun and inspire me to give more because of the way they are playing. So this thread is a tribute to the unsung heroes who somehow, through their gameplay, make your experience just a bit more fun or give you inspiration. Just put their GT and a brief description of why you are Immortalizing them here. I'll start it off:

Adrunkeninja - Everytime I was on my back through about 4 matches, this guy/gal is staring down at me with a syringe even though not in my squad. This player seemed to be completely ignoring the battles raging around in favor of keeping as many players up and fighting as possible. My own medic was scratching her head as there were a couple of times she would be running to get my sorry **** up only to find me back in the fight by the time she got to me thanks to Adrunkeninja. It got to a point where I was calling out for this player anytime I was down. My friends in the party were all laughing at the absurdity of me calling out to a player that could not hear me, which added to the fun of the day.


  • Grimace73
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    Splattering Dump - Because I'm immature and laughed at the name.

    I've come across players like this too (I like to think I'm one of them a lot of the time) but unfortunately I can't remember any names.
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