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    Aflag666 wrote: »
    To be fair though, we may be getting a tad slower, but our experience is the balance. I may not be as fast as these young gunslingers, but thinking around corners is just as relevant in BF, and it seems the younger crowd are more straight in to win (which, if I still had those reflexes might be my choice as well).

    Looks like we may need start a Grumpy Old Blastards group. Or the Turtle Platoon. The Older is Wiser group. The Go To He11 Millenials squad. Okay, getting carried away? You get the idea ;)

    And before 20 millenials start raging over my comments and taking to Twitternet to lament the social injustice, take it easy. There was a time when people could jab at each other in fun without starting a riot. ;)

    I need you on my friends list you'd fit right in,
    I'm definitely up for grumpy old **** squad 😁.
    Gt - a sittingduck73, yep that's hie slow my reactions are, in fact I'm thinking of changing it to fish in a barrel.

    Dig it. I'll add you when I jump on today. We can shoot folk and complain about how we miss the good old days, ect!!!! :)

    What's your Gt so 8 know who you are, I tend to ignore random people that add me.

    x Aflag x
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    I’m 50 and actually doing better on this than I did on BF1, probably because it makes me play smarter.

    I’m 40 and playing decent...haven’t noticed a drop off. I think older players who are good players may lose a gun fight here and there to the younger crew but overall have a much better sense of strategy and long term objective thinking gained from years of playing BF games.

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