Unable to buy bf1 revolution because of base game

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I have a problem regarding to upgrading my ps4 bf1 base game. I can't buy bf1 revolution from the ps4 store, because of my bf1 base game. I could buy the premium pass, but when revolution is on sale for 13€ I will not pay 50€ for the premium pass.
Tried to solve this with ps4 customer help, but they were very unhelpful and didn't get any help. I would pay the 13€ to get revolution, but I can't. Deleting the game doesn't help and I asked ps4 customer help to totally erase it from me without success. Very frustrating and a silly problem.


  • ronybaloney
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    I can't believe they are still charging that much for premium!
    My advice is to buy premium if you can afford it. Only buying an expansion pack really won't allow you to play many new maps because expansion DLC only servers are non-existent anymore. Either stick with base game or buy premium. Anything in between is a total waste of money.
  • -Antares65z
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    I paid $11 for the base game and all the DLC.
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