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I'm trying to complete the ARG for the hidden Dog Tags, skin and pistol on the Xbox One S.
I completed and obtained The Room and Somme Dog Tags. Can't complete Carporetto for some reason. I shoot the Left Angel's head off but the other two angels just break apart when I try to target the torso or wings.
Also, I can't seem to find the headphones anywhere on any map.
Getting those morse code signals translated will be another issue when I get to it, since im on console.
I'm going off of the BF1 wiki guide and doing these on empty servers. Am I doing something wrong in Carporetto or finding headphones?


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    I had that with the angels the first time but it worked eventually. Probably worth just trying it again.

    The easiest maps to find headphones on, and record with very little background noise, are Ballroom Blitz and Suez. It's also quite quick to travel between headphone spawns as you can be cavalry. If you are struggling to find headphones then all you can really do is keep server hopping and referring to the wiki (I assume you're using this one: https://bfee.co/index.php?title=Battlefield_1/A_Beginning).

    When you have the headphones sorted out then there are a couple of ways to get more help with this and the first of them is posting links to the videos with your morse videos here, and the second would be joining the BFEE Discord as there are usually people there who will help you decode. If you do decide to do it yourself then it's pretty easy and if you record on to an external HDD rather than on to your Xbox you don't need to wait for it to upload to Live.
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