My thoughts on Battlefield 4 over the years

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Hi guys,

Ya, I know. This is a pretty old area of discussion. This will most likely be my only post and I don't mean to trigger anyone for doing this, sorry if I do.
I just wanted to put my thoughts about BF4 somewhere as well as the possible direction of the future BF games.

I've been playing BF4 since what feels like the beginning of time. I didn't have the best internet to get the best experience from BF Bad Company 2, and BF3 like the legends of the past, so BF4 was pretty much my start when it comes to legitimate "grinding" in a BF game. And after playing for over 5 years strait now (going on 6), I wanted to put what I feel about the game somewhere and this looked like the best spot.

I remember when this game came out, to everything in between, up to now. I remember how absolutely horrifying this game was at launch. And I remember how it slowly got better as time went on. This game has really been one hell of roller coaster ride, but in the end has turned out to be very satisfying in my opinion. To those of you who may be in my same shoes, you know exactly what I'm talking about. But over all, this game "finished" feeling like a legitimate "Battlefield" game. I'll explain what I mean by that in just a second.

The game has always left me with the ability to honestly do whatever I want to. I could play as a medic, just focusing on nothing but healing and reviving teammates an entire round (Hacksaw ridge mode), and then next round I could just focus on leveling up a specific rifle. You can run solo and see where that gets you, or you can squad up and play around with people you may not even know but work together towards the same goals and objectives. The big maps allow some to camp and snipe without moving for a whole game, and at the same time it allows others the ability to counter them in almost any way they can imagine. Whether you play like a tool, or a hero. It's your call. But over all, it never gets boring. Never. It only gets boring when you stop trying to find ways to have fun.

I saw this with Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4. (I never played Hardline because I was too busy playing BF4. No hate, sorry.) But with all of those experiences and all of that "freedom" you get in the game, it really makes it feel like you're playing a real "Battlefield" game.

I personally lost that feeling when I played BF1. For me, it felt like I was playing a different kind of game. I can't put a finger on why exactly. It's possibly a mixture of the players movements, mechanics, the amount of damage required to kill someone, etc. The game also left me thinking, "this feels nothing like WWI." Now don't get me wrong, I really did enjoy quite a lot in that game. I was able to find things I enjoyed within it to keep me from getting bored and found plenty of things to make a goal of and move towards within itself to make it all challenging. I just couldn't shake the feeling of "this doesn't feel like a battlefield game." But this is entirely my opinion. Please don't take that wrong. I just couldn't find that "addiction" in BF1 as I did in BFBC2, BF3, and BF4.
I have yet to even touch BFV because to me, personally, it looks like a re-skin of BF1 and from what I've read, I don't think I would find anything better than what I have already had in the past with the games I've come to love. I just don't feel like spending that kind of money on a "maybe."

A lot is lost from what we had in the past. A lot of the team play and team work seems to be gone because of the ease of variety we now have within the games.
I look at BF1 and I see these fully automatic weapons that shouldn't be there and men taking bullets to the throat the size of your thumb and still being able to stand back up, shoulder their weapon, fire back, and run away. -___- . But I get it. This game isn't some "simulation." And it shouldn't be. If you want that, go play something else that is made for that. But I feel like it should be as close as possible to what it is saying it will be. WWI should be as close to feeling like WWI as possible. WWII should be just the same. Because the people buying the game are looking forward to seeing exactly that. That's what they are spending their money on. If they wanted something more "futuristic" or "Modern" they would have bought something that fit that category instead. I guess all I'm saying is that things should be what they say they are going to be, or at least as close as possible. And I'm going to stop there with that because I'm sure this is something everyone has heard a thousand times over and I don't want to add another to the stack. Sorry.
On another note, it really feels like the game is pushing players to play solo and be a Rambo each round. Even now, in BFV, there really is no need for Medics since anyone has the ability to revive someone. And there is no need for Support players since you can find ammo almost anywhere, right? (I might be wrong because I don't watch many BFV videos) It feels like they are pushing away team play and just focusing on how they can make each player feel like a God, if that makes sense.

About BF4, I have seen quite a bit of change over the years and I have come to a conclusion. I love what it has become. The game has its ups, but it certainly has its downs. My favorite thing to do at the moment is to play with my friends and squad up taking objectives and working together to destroy tanks and choppers and so on. Working with my friends is both hilarious and undeniably satisfying. My second favorite thing to do (usually when solo) is to kill pilots in helicopters and even sometimes jets. From Attack Choppers to transports. Whatever, I just wanna kill that pilot! I personally play on Xbox and I had turned off all my "aim assists" the moment I first installed the disc. So killing a pilot, and knowing "that was me, and not the games assists" feels even better. And finally, my 3rd favorite thing to do is counter-snipe other snipers with my .44 Magnum and a 3x Scope.
These are my top 3 favorite things to do in BF4 above all other things. But there is so much more I enjoy doing as well.

Now, about the things I don't enjoy so much:

Things like the Scoreboard...
I sometimes have trouble tolerating where the game is at right now. Players tend to stick to doing things that are "easist" to do ... And it I'm not meaning some players. I am meaning closer to like 9/10 players in the game stick to whatever is "easiest to get kills with even if its really douchee." What I mean by that is that most players tend to lean towards using things that help get them the highest spot on the scoreboard, rather than just have fun with all the little things the game has to offer, and actually strive to challenge themselves from time to time. It's the scoreboard. Most players exploit the strongest things in the game just see their ridiculous name near the top of the board when the last ticket drops in each match. Just for that 30(ish) second window ... -________-
I have trouble with this because it's just annoying. It's annoying because it requires them to step on others (and sometimes team mates) just to reach that. They are so hell-bent about their score that they forget they could be having fun with the game.

Things like Tanks...
Tanks are very very hard to deal with (for me at least). Specific players (you know who you are) like to hide in their tank all game and just do nothing but farm kills each and every game. As if it is inflicting fear on other players or establishing authority on them. They sit in this vehicle that can withstand 3x RPG rounds, has Active protection, Reactive armor, Thermal optics, Unlimited ammunition, etc. ... That's just a fraction of it. Lets just say it is very very very very very easy to rack up kills in a Tank. Same thing can be said with an LAV. Oh, and those things can also float on water, so ... lol.
Now hear me out. I don't want people to stop using tanks or vehicles because its is just way too satisfying to kill someone using one. I just wish these kinds of players would have the mindset and desire to challenge themselves from time to time. Stop taking that AA every. single. game. and try running around with your squad or working towards unlocking this new weapon or something related. Challenge yourself. Like just for once even. Just once, man. Challenge yourself. You might end up enjoying it.
But I do absolutely love working with my friends to try and take down "xXPeepeeface6969Xx" because he's been in a tank all day. lol That is so much fun, not going to lie (that's a made up name by the way).

Things like trolls...
I don't know about anyone else, but I almost exclusively play "Hardcore mode." I enjoy it not because "its harder" (I personally think it is easier than Vanilla mode) but I like being able to land a bullet between someones eyes and have them die from it. I don't like having to press 3x .45 Rounds into someones skull made of Adamantium to get a kill. I like the "realistic" feel of hardcore and having to actually use your eyes and ears to hunt down that guy who's been camping all game, or pay attention to your surroundings to see if that's a tango coming around the building or a friendly. So I really enjoy Hardcore mode for all of its challenges mainly. But with hardcore mode, comes the "team killing." There is always that one guy on your team who's mom says "Timmy, time for bed" and so Timmy throws a fit and decides that as in his last moments before he presses the off button on his Xbox, he's just going to gun down anyone in his way because "heck you mom, reeeee." -____-
There are also those players that are entirely unforgiving. When playing Hardcore, mistakes will be made. Trust me. And sometimes, it costs the life of a teammate. And even after you leave a "Sorry" in the team-speak, you end up finding yourself face down in a pool of your own blood 30 minutes later because the guy you accidentally killed had been holding a grudge for that long and apparently "needed to get even." ...
Not gonna lie, I've had my bad days and I've gunned someone down for killing me as a way of leaving "an eye for an eye," but I don't spend an entire round (or sometimes multiple rounds) just looking and looking and looking and looking for that one guy who accidentally threw a frag too close to me that one time.
Basically, the players can be quite childish from time to time, but that's present in almost every game these days.

Things like Assists...
Most people I know have no idea that BF4 has "aim assists" on console. If you yourself have read this far and are wondering "aim assists? Huh?", keep reading. I'll explain. In the Xbox console edition of BF4 (PS too I think), players have an "Aim Assist" setting turned "on" as default. This allows players to quickly look down their sights/ scope and aim at a target with ease. The assists aim the gun for you. Why? Because apparently it is too difficult to play the game without it...
You can test this yourself if you still have the game. Find an enemy, look "near" them, and then aim down your sights. You'll notice that your sights will line up just right with the target to land a hit. Now turn it off, try that again, and you'll see that the sights are now where they should be...; Not lined up perfectly.
Another aim assist mechanic is "Auto-rotate" which actually helps keep your sights on the target. So now, not only do you not have to worry about actually aiming, you also don't have to worry about losing them when they move around a little -______- .
I personally think this is the stupidest thing to be added in a game. Because players using this will forever have to rely on an "assist feature" when it comes to FPS like BF for example. Not only that, but players who don't use it are at a disadvantage. The only way to keep up is really to just keep using it. And if that's the case, why give us the option to switch it off to begin with? -____- Who's idea was this?
Now I get it. Some people have difficulty aiming at people and have "potato aim" and that can be frustrating at first. But you're forgetting something. You, an intellectual, are a Human Being. You are thee smartest type of being on the planet. This is because of your ability do something we call "Learn.
If you were to turn off your aim assists and allow your mind to learn how to use the controller in your hands, you would find out that with time, you DON'T NEED AIM ASSISTS! That's right! You actually don't need them! It is the same concept with throwing a ball. Do you realize how much math is going on in your head when you throw that ball? Your mind is making calculations after calculations just to get that ball where you want it to go. And you do it all in mere fractions of second.
The same concept, the same "calculations", are applicable to the mechanics in BF4. In ANY game for that matter. As long as you try. As long as you allow your mind to learn how. Basically, its like taking off the training wheels on your bike. So I encourage you. Take off the training wheels.
I have. Yes, it took some time. But it doesn't take as long as you think. Today, I have several clips saved of me landing head shots on pilots with my .44 Magnum from distances I didn't think I could ever make. Something I only thought Ravic could do. No. What it comes down too is you. Challenge yourself. I promise you'll not only be surprised, but you'll also be having fun with it at the same time. Because now you can say that every kill you get is one that YOU earned. Not the games mechanics. You did. So try it.

Finally, things like DMR's...
I don't know if any of you have heard recently, but do you know of "Psh... Psh. Psh PshPShPSHSPSHSPSPSSHPSHHSPHSSPHSPHSPPHPSHSP."
The DMR's in this game are being entirely over-used. Now I wan't you to just think about it for a second, there are 78 different primary weapons in this game to choose from, and there are a grand total of 8 DMR's. 8.
Of the 78 Primary weapons, they include various different types. Snipers, Assault rifles, Light machine guns, PDWs, Shotguns and even Carbines. A wonderful variety of options here. Enough to meet everyone's wants and needs. And, again, there are 8 total DMR's in this game.
Yet, of the 8/78, more than half decide to exclusively use DMR's. And this is just the Primary weapons...
A month ago, I sat down and recorded my all of my deaths from 10 different matches, in 10 different servers, and in 10 different maps and came up with the calculation of this: 66%.
66%. So of 100% of my deaths, 66% of them came from a player wielding a DMR. And lets not forget that there are 78 different weapons to choose from, and only 8 DMR's. So, why are more than Half of my deaths going towards players wielding a DMR?
Why is it that so very very many people choose to use a DMR over all of the other weapons available in the game? Here is your answer:

Stop relying on the most powerful, over powered, and easiest things to get you kills in the game. For once, challenge yourself. Yes. We know it's easy. That doesn't make you better. It slowly makes you worse. So challenge yourself. For once in your life, challenge yourself. You can do it. I promise. Give yourself a chance and you will find out that you can be good at a game without having to rely on the easiest things available.
And finally, the sound of someone hip-firing a DMR as fast as they possibly can is thee single most annoying sound in this game. Stop. You can do it. Just stop.

The thing I love most about this game is the intense and somewhat realism of combat, the freedom to do almost anything you can imagine, and that after 5 years the game still has this feeling of being a real Battlefield game. Most the people still playing are the old Veterans who grew up as a kid playing the first Battlefield games and their so fun to play with and get along with in a squad or even just in your team. I love being able to just go home after a long day of work and play this game, feeling those same feelings I felt years ago.
I wish more of the player-base would work towards challenging themselves and try having fun with all aspects of the game, rather than just focus on trying to be #1 on the scoreboard for 30 seconds at the end of the game. Enjoy the game, don't step on others to get to the top. Because the time will come where this game comes to its end and you will wish you had fun with those who were having fun with it when you had the chance.

Just be yourself. Have fun. Even if you're god awful at the game. There is something there you can do that will turn that around and leave you smiling in the end.

Sorry for writing a book ^

- Kiowa
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  • suffice_ls
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    Maybe I was just lucky, but apart from a brief bit of rubberbanding at the start of Conquest matches, and flying into invisible walls whilst piloting helicopters, there was NOTHING about this game that made it "horrifying" or "unplayable", as the Battlefail V crew like to call it, at launch, no way!

    BF4 was the last Battlefield game that I loved....or even liked. Hardline lasted me about a month before I got rid of it. BF1 lasted a week before getting traded in for Infinite Warfare, and BFV didn't get bought, I borrowed it off a friend who didn't want to play it anymore, lol.

    BF4 had an unrivalled amount of gameplay variety that none of the later instalments have managed to match. Helicopter-gameplay alone made BF4 2 games in 1. Was also a big fan of my Anti-Air vehicle...I must've been the only person I knew who would actually go as far into the battle with the AAV (Dawnbreaker was GREAT for that) and killing all numbers of infantry, instead of camping on the outskirts of the map.

    Then there were the weapons...and yeah, I confess, I like my DMR's....but then again, I loved my SMG's, LMG's and carbines just as much.

    BFV is a tragedy when talking about maps. The lack of quantity alone is enough of a tragedy, but the quality and gameplay-variety (for example: verticality) is just plain old worthless garbage. Rogue, Paracel, Zavod, Dragon Pass, Silk Road....ugh, BFV doesn't compare!!!...not in MY opinion anyway.

    I was a big fan of the Premium DLC model -- It wasn't that expensive, but if you couldn't afford it, then too bad for you, imo. I always scoffed at "b-b-b-b-but it thplitth the playerbathe"....Endless amounts of full servers for all my game modes, for years on end. Although, it started to become hard to find DLC servers for TDM in 2016, but hell, that's 2yrs after release AND in the wake of the next BF game.

    And that leads me on to what lies ahead. I reckon BFV marks the beginning of new era where we get 1 new DLC map every 3 or 4 months, and where more and more of what used to ship as part of the base game gets put into DLC. I couldn't believe it when I saw that no one was annoyed at the practice range being DLC -- Does no one remember BF4's practice range?? This red herring garbage with "Live Service" where BFV gets constant updates and patches....BFV must be a stinkin pile garbage if it needs THIS many patches! Soon, patches and bug fixes will be called DLC as well.

    Anyway.....BF4, I salute you.
  • blindsdontwork
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    Ya I hear ya. Been getting more and more frustrated lately with people being cowardly K/D farmers and/or cheesing the game as hard as they can. Take away all the lock-on weapons and IRNV/FLIR and this game would be so, so amazing.
  • MGReaper
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    Good post. Cannot stand BF1 or BF5 for the reasons you mentioned, and I've come back to BF4 as of yesterday.

    Search "Battlefield 4" on YouTube, and you'll notice a phenomenon of new videos from streamers (e.g., JackFrags) who have started playing this game again quite recently.

    The old timey and rural settings of WW1 and WW2 get very boring, IMO.
  • xSlemhix
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    So I have had this game since at least early 2015 when it was still decently populated on PC and then after graduation and getting a job, I chose to step away from the game for just a few years and adjust my attention to life, occasionally coming back once in a while.

    Even after so many years it is understandable the player base would start to dwindle as they majority may choose to move over to newer titles but as of recently despite being lesser players, the amount of full servers are still decent on the global scale. Unfortunately after a few years couple with my work schedule, when I got back to playing the game all the servers in my country (Australia) are largely empty which surprised me considering it was only a year or two ago they were quite teeming with five or six full 64 player servers for different maps, rotations and game modes. Being left with no choice, I decided to go off and play on the populated OOR/International servers else where around the world (it was 12:00 Midnight in Australia where I was and it was morning on the other side of the world, notably Europe, Russia & North America. And this was my experience:

    -Auto-Kicked for High ping (~200+)-

    -Auto-Kicked for High ping (~200+)-

    -Auto-Kicked for High ping (~200+)-

    -Auto-Kicked for High ping (~200+)-

    -Auto-Kicked for High ping (~200+)-

    -Auto-Kicked for High ping (~200+)-

    -Auto-Kicked for High ping (~200+)-

    -Auto-Kicked for High ping (~200+)-

    Jesus christ I can't still believe that people still have this uninformed conservative mindset that having high ping gives you some sort of advantage, especially in a game engine as complex as Frostbite 4, this crap shouldn't happen. Nothing travels faster than the speed of light - information travelling across vast spans of land and ocean included. A Person's actions with the lowest ping (eg. 30) will register much earlier by the server closest to them than a person who is from the other half of the world with 250+ ping. Modern day lag compensation (as far as BF4 is concerned) are purely visual - Back in the day in older games, people with higher ping in hitscan games are forced LEAD their targets a significant distant to register a hit (Halo CE, Counter Strike 1.6). In Battlefield 4 and newer titles, you no longer have to lead to the lag compensator: If you directly aim and fire at a moving target and land a hit - it will display a hit-marker or kill but due to the high ping, only the kill (eg. the killfeed) will register that you killed a guy 0.3 seconds later compared to near instantly on low ping. The high ping player won't have to make a monstrous lead more than he or she should like in much older games. In conclusion, people who claim that high ping (200+) gives players an advantage are equal to people who claim vaccines cause autism - in this case, they are trying to make up excuses for why they are not crap at the game. If an advantage WAS provided for playing with high ping vs against a player of low ping, you would see 95% of a multiplayer game's population move over to play on International servers (should server browser be available) so that they would consistently get ping registering into the 200 margin, but that's obviously not true, unless said high ping players are not given a choice on what populated servers they can choose to play in.

    The servers left in BF4 which are actually populated are Call-of-Duty maps with infantry only in small maps Team Death match which has nothing to do with the full Battlefield experience I originally paid for ($40 premium tax when I first got the game back when it was extremely populated even in my country. The rest of the existing servers which are not those are located internationally with ping and region locks, making the 95% largely unplayable - I'm basically permanently banned from those servers even though I am not, in a technical standpoint that is. I tried ping masks and it only works a minority of servers - the rest use Ping Enforcer which strikes down ping masks too. And people wonder why the population of BF4 (and similar multiplayer-heavy games with ping enforcement) die so quickly. Right now, we shouldn't have the luxury of region/ping rocks since the population is low now - to get a decently full server you would have to pool as much players from everywhere around the world to fill it up - that aint happening if you auto-kick ban 85% of them. I currently also own BF1, as well as a few other games both paid and F2P which have server browsers and auto-matchmaker which the server masters are not given the ability to ping/region lock, thank god for that. But like so many other players, I paid my full fare for this game, and I should be given every right as a consumer to access the content as advertised by the developer/publisher as far as I'm not doing anything which violated the producer's Terms of Service (which I haven't)

    As far as BF4 is concerned since it is largely unplayable now, can I get at least a 50% refund for multiplayer? If not, here are some game update suggestions (which I doubt will happen considering DICE is done with this game 3 years ago)

    1. Make everyone's ping hidden and registers as '-' on every server by default and the true ping value is only available to see for each player their own - for those servers with ping enforcers, this will result in everyone including the admin themselves ironically, being auto-kicked from the server and in order for them to re-gain access they would have to remove the ping/region lock. Its either everyone-can-enter-and-play or no-one-can-play whilst also still allowing admin to retain their other moderation abilities (eg. kick out hackers, glitchers etc.)
    2. Make BF4 + Premium on the house for a limited time to fill up the multiplayer servers to revitalize this game.
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