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Hello all.
I will share with you the information that they now regularly give a global ban to buy a new battlefield 5.
I got just such a Ban - my nickname is NoHackOnlySkill for nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are there other people. I always played honestly, you can see statistics and game time 703 hours. and what about tCego :(
Rabble!!!!! Here's what it displays.
I tried many things because I thought it was the fault of the software.
Here's what it displays.
Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this "NoHackOnlySkill" Game Server for ... GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN f19cd83d

I certainly will not buy battlefield 5 now, in spite of it. It's a pity to rank and not to mention the cash register.
I also sent a complaint without a response

Write like you.


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    This is not the correct forum for this.
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