One single Round, 18 planes destroyed, 26kills, 0 death. This vehicle is way too powerful.



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    @DingoKillr wrote
    Bombers are meant to cross into enemy air space to attack. Fighters are there to stop and chase the bomber as AA can not do enough damage to stop the bomber. AA is then used to stop the chasing fighter saving the bomber.
    -Fighters deal with bombers
    -AA/MAA deal with fighters and damage bombers to help fighters.
    -Bombers deal with MAA/AA
    -Fighters should not be able to take on AA/MAA. They should be melted if they try.

    This is balance. AA/MAA is not a one man army that should be able to take down every plane easy.

    But Imo fighters need a tweak. Right now they are extremely good both against other aircraft, but also against the ground.
    I would like them to be more specified either against aircraft or ground.
    The multi role they have got is in some way similar to the trench fighter from BF1.
    Same with the JU88. Its to powerfull compared to the Belheim. Should have the same bomb load 8+2 and not 16+4.
    Every time I see some one post a problem with planes its usually ju88 and GO / Breakthrough.
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