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Relative noob nere :) .

I have been playing BF1 online pretty full on for the past few months, and really enjoying it. Apart from a bit of Eve Valkyrie on Oculus, BF1 is the first time I have played any online multiplayer, and the first FPS I have ever played online ( hence my atrocious current stats :D ). I am usually just in to flight sims (lots of them) and a bit of Assassins Creed with the occasional FPS thrown in.

I am in Australia and the Australian servers are really the only ones I can get decent ping on. Any other country is between 170 and 400. In Australia I am getting about 32, so I am restricted to Australian servers.

Although the servers are great, there are only three of them, that I could find, and they only ever play Conquest on a handful of maps. There is some variation of maps but it is always conquest, and too many times it is on Amiens, Ballroom Blitz, or Fort De Vaux. It's not that I hate these maps, but there are lots of others I prefer, and I just see these maps way too often. Not really meaning to bag out Aussie servers, as I appreciate what they provide, but I would love to see more variation, and in particular I would love to play some operations. I did play a couple of Ops on US servers, but was pinging around 180, so it's not great.

Is there anything I can do to improve ping on OS servers, or am I stuck with what I have. Any tips or tricks?



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