Will DICE make Firestorm...



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    Well if thats the case you'd have to open a while can of history. It wasn't the allies that drop incendiary bombs the Axis did as well.

    Unfortunately war is war and because of accuracy issues back then the most effective way was carpet bombing. Dresden's issue (possibly along with Hamburg) was that alot of the buildings were of wooden structure and closely packed. Not defending it by all means but both sides were at it.


    The sheer scale and the intention although it was clear that it had no effect on moral just speaks a different language.
    Arthur Harris should have been on trial for war crimes but as always: the Victor writes history.....

    "War is the remedy our enemies have chosen....and I say let us give them all they want."--W.T. Sherman

    Or in other words, don't start nuthin' and there won't be nuthin'.

    Yeah Killing women and children from the "good" Guys is Always right.
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