(sQ) Sequence Gaming Recruiting NA Players BF4 PS4!!

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Risen from the ashes of PS3, (sQ) Sequence Gaming is reborn on PS4!!!

Sequence Gaming is a North American, PS4 casual team. A team with the purpose of creating a casual and friendly environment of fellow BF4 gamers from USA and CANADA.

If you are looking for a team that is laid back but still plays their "A Game" at the same time, then (sQ) Sequence Gaming is right up your alley.

With our team, we want to make sure that you the player have an amazing experience with fellow (sQ) members at all times. Every player that joins this team will have a different way of playing and varied set of skills, so please be respectful of them.

If you want to join Sequence Gaming there are a few requirements to join. There are no K/D requirements!!


- Must be from either USA or Canada
- Must speak english
- Having a mic is optional, but would be recommended
- You must be respectful
- Must be a team player
- Most of all, have fun at all times

If you fit our requirements, apply, and you will be accepted.


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