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33 Y/O cynic Looking for skilled/chillled guys on Xbox UK

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Hi guys high fragging assault lunatic looking for a bunch of guys who wanna moan about life and other stuff whilst totally smashing servers making people wish that they never purchased BFV in the first place.

Things I like to talk about whilst ruining lives

Laughing at people who believe the earth is flat
9/11 conspiracies
Conspiracies in general

But I’m all seriousness just looking for peeps who can play post 5pm and weekends the odd hour here and there
But ideally players good enough to give me a challenge as coming top of the leaderboards most games is dull


  • Ttanium360
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    It's recruitment time

    Check Tietanium Legion out; I personally play at exactly that time with a bunch of other dudes, and it seems to be a high time for players in general.

    Check us out!
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