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[XB1] Tietanium Legion Always Recruiting For BFV!

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Welcome fellow Battlefield players!

I am inviting everyone and anyone to join my Platoon (Tietanium Legion), as long as you enjoy teamwork. (We always want

more members :))

Together, we'll support each other and use teamwork to dominate the Battlefield! However, we are a relaxed Platoon just

as much as a teamworking one.

Although we would prefer if you had a mic, as it greatly extends that teamwork (and fun)capability, we don't require


We will welcome players of any level of experience, beginners, veterans, ones who've done every mastery assignment in the game, and players of any age too.

We actually play together in whatever games we happen to have together, especially some Apex Legends, and Rainbow Six, but we are mainly

based around BF.

We are located in Europe and America. I personally am based in Europe.

We are also also now creating collages of video clips sent from our Platoon members. Sending the clips is voluntary,

but it's pretty awesome.

The families, work and personal lives of members will always come first. This means that if something comes up with

your family or if there’s anything that will keep you from being online, it's fine. If you can't join a Platoon Party

it's fine. If you can't be online at the same time as others it's fine. If you're not in the mood it's fine. We all

understand that life is life and we will never fault you for it. We're not seeking your soul.

Tietanium Legion believes in maturity and respect, and most importantly, fun, in gaming. We seek to recruit individuals

who share that belief.

During gameplay, although the squad leader has the final say, anyone who is able to communicate can suggest an order (I

don't just mean attack C or defend B, I mean more sophisticated teamwork such as needing a spotting flare somewhere),

and it is up to the squad leader to agree or deem it unnecessary/too risky, you get the idea.

Especially now that BFV offers further teamwork possibilities, one should make the most use of those as possible.

We usually communicate through normal Xbox Live Messaging, but we now also have a Discord server, which you can get an

invite to if you give me your tag when recruiting. (obviously when we play together we use Xbox Party chat)


When joining, please message me where you play from (America, Europe, etc) so I know who plays at approximately what

times.You can then just go ahead and join immediately, as the Platoon is open.

In addition, you can join our Xbox Club by the same name, and there post the times you play on the chat, and also look

around the chat for others who play at similar times as you. You can then hit them up and face The Battlefield

together! This allows for the building of mini-groups within The Platoon. Of course, you don't have to do this, but if

you don't, that kinda goes against the point of The Platoon.

However, you can also do this on our Discord server, which you can get an invite to if you give me your tag when


For any questions message me via Xbox Live (Titanus360)
I hope I'll see you with me on the Battlefield.

PS: I wanted to call the Platoon Titanium Legion but it was blocked by the profanity filter. So I used Tietanium

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