Battlefield V - Community Survey [Feb 2019]

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Hello there!

I wanted to kick February off with a very quick survey that I’d like to ask you to fill in. As we move forward there will be one of these surveys every month.

They will always focus around communication, something I feel quite strongly about. I’m a big fan of there being a two-way dialogue between ourselves and our community, and you’re not just talking to a wall. These surveys allow us to track how well we are doing, as well as give us valuable insight into what you’re thinking. We know that as the game adapts and changes over time, so does the community. This is one way we can ensure we’re moving with you, and not playing catch up.

It should take no more than 5 minutes of your time and will help provide us with some very valuable insights and data into the collective Battlefield community hive mind. This is the first survey, so I wanted to keep it brief, but as we move forward, I’ll make sure we include questions that focus around key topics within the Battlefield community.

Survey Link:

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