A sad Hypothesis: Firestorm will fail because of Apex Legends



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    ecstactica wrote: »
    I'm sorry but I have to say Apex Legends is a better game than BFV with all of the BFV content. The new BFV battle royal game mode is frustrating, boring, it causes depression for me at least. I've just uninstalled it. BFV seems the end part of the BF series for me.

    Apex Legends is fun, the graphic style and control is like the old Unreal Tournament or Quake Arena games. You have heroes with special abilities like in Overwatch and you can unlock new heroes for free. The whole game is also free. But not the free part is the most important but the fun part. If you want to commit suicide I suggest BFV. If you want to feel happy and not to be angry and disappointed because you die again and again (it will happen in Apex also) play Apex. In Apex you return the game with the speed of the light and you not feel so much that you only wasted your time.

    Try Apex, and forget the boring emptiness and the end of the world without people feeling in BFV. But if you like BFV play it, maybe you are different. Maybe only I have these problems.

    Singles in trios is not very good in Apex IMO. Waste of time for the most part if you want to win. But full trios I agree better game overall than BFV.

    BFV had promise, but it's awful UI tone, progression, lack of maps, and overall subdued WW2 aesthetic killed it.

    The game is pretty much dead people. I would go back to BF1 before I installed BFV again. When I get a bigger drive I will go back to BF1.
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