How True Is This?

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In another thread I suggested 'Behind The Lines' work to a Player who says they're stressed out by all the action .
I suggested it because I personally find it calming and focusing to occasionally sneak around in stealthy roles .
Thinking about the many why's of that , the tangent suddenly veered and this . . whatever-this-is . . came up instead :

There is almost always a nearly-invisible 'second war' going on within the plain-to-see battles and fights of any BF Conquest round .(?)
Lone Wolves , Hunters , Cappers , Spies , Saboteurs - it's sometimes a blow-up of whatever stealthy thing they were doing that sparks the next visible battles. (?)
How true is this?

I'm worried now that the advice given might be MORE stressful to a Player accustomed to faster paces and more predictable Enemies :tongue:


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