Does Apex Legends pose a threat to BFV?



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    BRs are already kind of past their sell-by date. AL may be the last great one. Come March, I expect Firestorm will be a giant "meh" and not make much of a dent in the BR world.

    Especially because BR fans who want realistic can already buy PUBG or blackout CoD. And then there are many free battle royals.

    Who's going to buy BF5 just for the BR mode... Honestly, not sure what dice was thinking unless they just had a really fun idea they wanted to try.

    I thought that Firestorm would in fact be FTP, and the theory would be it would entice the free play crowd to maybe et BFV itself.

    If it is true that these people actually have to buy BFV just to play Firestorm, its already dead.
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    Just wanted to point out that while Apex is good, it's launch is not flawless. The game has been experiencing a myriad of bugs as well as server overload crashes. Nearly every time I end a game, I have to wait like 2 whole minutes before I'm thrown back to the title screen and have to load back into the main menu again. EVERY round.

    There are people who have experienced clipping into the ground, being able to pick two of the same legend on a squad, being able to shoot enemies while in a downed state, being killed by opening doors or containers in the wrong position, touching out of bounds while deploying and the out of bounds timer stays and kills the whole squad, clipping into the supply ship while reviving teammates on it, one guy even experienced invulnerability and won a match solo by sitting out of bounds and getting 0 damage. I got 3v1d without even being able to defend myself because while I was running away from this squad, I stepped in a small divot in the ground and got stuck and could not jump or move at all, when I died my body got sucked into the divot and through the ground.

    That's on top of rubberbanding issues when too much is happening at the beginning of a match (very much so like PUBG when it launched on xbone), and other personal qualms like the long ttk and low magazine size on most guns COMPLETELY contradicting each other.

    It's a good game but it's definitely not flawless and clearly has its own issues. I for one am not a fan of waiting longer to get out of some matches than it took me to deploy and die in said match.

    And yet after all that waffle apex is leaps and bounds a far more polished shooter AT LAUNCH than battlefield v is ever likely to be!
    Oh yeah and it’s free.

    The only people killing the battlefield franchise are the apologists for accepting mediocrity and blatantly broken games.

    Sorry, but your comparison is not correct. Apex Legends is a small game on a tiny arena, while Battlefield is a full-scale warfare game with vehicles, planes, large maps with destruction and other stuff. It’s much more complicated game. How can you even compare them?

    I am not excusing the Battlefield V, but I don’t understand why this game is even compared with Battlefield. They have nothing in common

    Your being silly

    OK :)

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    Firestorm should be separate free game, not part of BF5 where it has no place.

    I play Bf games for BF gameplay. Battle Royal has nothing in common with that, it goes against all basics and core stuff BF games have for many years.

    0 interest in it, same as i dont play other BR games, not for me. I prefer to do more on the maps then just kill/stay alive without any objective.
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    We will have to see how Apec fares over the course of the month until the Firestorm release. Judging from right now, they either need to discount BFV heavily, to incentivize potential players buying the game or indeed just release it as F2P and be done with it. In any case, for the average BF gamer a waste of resources.
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    I'd like it to be part of BFV but i agree it stands a much better chance FTP.

    but who knows. maybe it will be so friggen awesome they will be able to pay wall it behind BFV purchase.

    for sure this crossed their minds: pubg charges 30 bucks. so we charge 30 bucks. but if it's part of BFV/bundled, that's two separate experiences that are worth 30 bucks. 60 dollar price tag

    FTP definitely comes with consequences. BFV feels bare AF with out premium and we paid for it.
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