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Hi, got an idea for a new game that could also be a good part of the grand ops like one of the days in future. Ok the thing would be looking like this, the mode would be called something like Bombing Run or i dont know. Next thing is about that the game mode would have attackers and deffenders. Attackers will be gunners in turrets of for example Heinkel He 111 bombers on a german side that will fly for example from France to near Cliffs of Dover with plan to bomb London or something and the bombers will be controled with an NPC as it will not need a player pilot cause the bombers will be just flyin straight for a certain destination. So that means this certain type of bomber got 3 gunners so 3 players could be spawned in one bomber that will be protecting the bomber on the run cause they need to deliver the bombs on the other side. Deffenders, wich will be british RAF in this case, will be a team full of players that will have an option to choose and play with one of their set of 3 planes but Fighters would be recommendet or Heavy Fighter like Mosquito. So the deffenders (RAF) got their goal and thats to protect the delivery point by destroying and taking down those bombers before they reach the destionation for a bombing. There will be like a formation of these bombers and 64 players would be distributed between the bombers in turrets. Match wins team that will achieve their goal wich means the Attackers (Bombers with delivery in bomb bay) will win if they reach the destination before they got destroyed and that is the gunners (players) job to protect the bombers from fighter and durring a no shooting they can have an option to repair the bomber with key X on PC but it could be done only by one of them and he would not be able to shoot durring the repairing but it would not be interrupt able. So if the bomber is taking damage durring the repairing it will still not be interrupted because it will be balanced with that the gunner is not active behind his MG so less firepower would be comming on the Fighter or Fighters that would be doing Boom n Zoom tactic attack for example. And Deffenders (RAF) will win the match if they will manage to destroy all of the bombers. The destination of the place that needs to be bombed will have some sort of like HP statistic and it will be taking damage by the bombers reaching them and dropping the bombs. The bombs even could be dropped by one of the players in the bomber as again the player will left his gunner seat and will weaken the plane by going in the bombing mode and he will have an option to dropp the bombs when ever he wants but the thing will be looking like this, player will be looking trough the bombing scope and will be searching for a spot to bomb if the bomber reach the spot and player drop the bombs on the destination, the place will take damage and loose some HPs and player that was dropping the bomb will gain some score points. After that he will return to his gunner seat back and the bomber will be turning back to its base for rearming to get bombs and even fix if the bomber will be damaged and not repaired by the players, that deppends on that if the players will be able to defend the bomber for so certain time. If the RAF manage to destroy a bomber, player that will shoot down the bomber will get kills of the gunners that were in the bomber. Those gunners, that died by shooting down with fighter will have an option to spawn in a new bomber that will starting from the base wich will reward the fighter that took the kill by weaken the front formation of bombers with -1 bomber. Of course there will be limited resources or a time for attackers to destroy the bombing Point. Honestly I dont know if it should be on resources like of the bombers or a time window. Maybe the time is better. So if the attackers (Bombers) will not bomb the place down in the certain time and i think even the resources could be in in, both of those things. Time and Resources. If their run out with resources they are lost and will loose. If they run out of time and still not destroyed the place, they will loose also. I think this mode could be a good part in one of the days in Grand Ops. And little bonus Suggestion. Give the Germans a plane Messerschmitt Bf 110. It will be a good equivalent of Mosquito.

Thanks for attention to read this bloody long text with details and im sorry that i didnt use not even one article. Also sorry if my english is not that good, its not my native language but im tryin to speak my best. I love the game, still there are lot of things to do but i love it and i will play it. Dont stop with developing and fixing the game

With regards, AgonistCZ
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