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I don't know if anyone else has posted any of this, but I have a few suggestions about certain customization options and new weapons that would be great additions to BFV later on down the line. (These are meant to be suggestions for things most people might not think of, not obvious things like maps and iconic firearms like the M1 Garand)

•Ability to customize all vehicles including tanks, half-tracks, and smaller transports similarly to BF4: Changing camouflages, defensive armament, etc.
a) Being able to change the Vickers K MG on the M3 half-track and Churchill to something like a .30 cal M1919 Browning or M2 .50 cal or give the Kubelwagen an MG-42 would be amazing
b) It could be made so that you would have to unlock the guns as support first (except for the M2 because its an HMG, so it would only be on tanks and half-tracks and unlocked by using them)

•More variety in anti-tank weaponry.
a) Anti-tank weapons like the Panzerschreck, Bazooka, Boys AT Rifle, PTRS, etc. (AT Rifles could do less damage, but have more range)

•When they are added, keep the US and Britain together, Italy and Germany together, but keep the Soviets and Japanese separate from the Allies and Axis Respectively, due to major differences in weaponry, vehicles, and real world geographic location (It just wouldn't feel right to see a T-34 fighting a Panzer IV on Iwo Jima)

•The option to spawn on cars, half-tracks, etc. from the deploy menu like in BF4.
a) I say this because there have been several instances where I've seen that there was a vehicle at a point on the deploy menu, only to spawn there and realize there was nothing there the entire time.

•Jets (Hear me out on this one)
a) Planes like the Me-262, Meteor, F-80, Kikka, and Yak-15 (Yak-15 first flew in 1946, but was designed during WW2) would make great additions to the game in the later stages of its life cycle.
I) They would be fast, but very poor turn fighters
II) Deal a lot of damage, but much more limited on ammo
III) Hard to hit, but when they are hit it doesn't take much to bring them down.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I would love to hear them, but these are what I've come up with so far.
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    I think different auxiliary weapons on the base tanks (as opposed to reinforcement tanks) would be pretty cool as a level-unlocked reward, although they'd have to be somewhat balanced.
    I'm fairly sure the Panzerschreck has been found in the files, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Bazooka come with the American faction.
    I think the factions will probably be kept separate in general, so you'd have a team of all Americans vs all Germans .
    In addition: I'd love to see some more interesting weapon cosmetics - specifically, something like the 3D models seen in the war stories for guns like the Kar98k which you could find with what looked like strips of bark strapped to it. Some stuff like that, maybe as Epic appearances (or whatever level Gold Plated is), would be pretty cool. And this is more gameplay, but perhaps suppressors could be available on some guns, perhaps as a level 5 unlock?
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