Suggestions for class rebalancing

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Disclaimer: I have close to 250 hours in the game and I'd consider myself "average" (BFtracker) when it comes to skill level.
Side-Info: When I write "2/3" on explosives, I mean "start with 2 out of 3 max".

Semi-Autos need at least 10% more vertical recoil
Weapon specialisation for movement speed buff while ADS needs to be toned down from 60% to 40%
Frag rifle grenades need a timed explosion instead of impact explosion (like 2 seconds)
Remove sticky dynamite from assault
Number of explosives need to be adjusted down from 2/3 to 1/2 (PIAT / Panzerfaust), mines are fine at 2/3
Trait "battle hardened" gets toned down so it doesn't heal more, but faster, making attrition more of a factor
Trait "scavenger" gets toned down by 10%

LMGs need more vertical recoil in general (about 5%), to tone down run-and-gun
Shotguns are removed from this class
"Heavy Weapons" trait removed, gains trait "Munitions expert" giving more requisition points for supplying teammates with munitions

Sten needs it's ADS accuracy toned down, as it's currently a laser
Medic now has access to shotguns
Number of smoke rifle grenades gets increased to 3/4, instead of 2/3
This last adjustment could be changed into a combat role trait (maybe in exchange for "Emergency retreat")

"Expert Marksman" for the "Sniper" combat role gets changed to "Spotting expert", grants additional requisition points for spotted enemies to give an extra incentive on using the scope/flare
"Vanguard" trait gets changed to gain additional requisition points for being inside enemy objective zones
Recon gets access to sticky dynamite, but only with 1/2 (instead of 2/3)
All rifles have their muzzle velocities increased:
Lee-Enfield: 750 (from 500)
Kar98k: 850 (from 700)
Krag: 870 (from 700)
Gewehr M95/30: 800 (from 600)

Bolt-action rifles have their damage adjusted:
Lee-Enfield: 65 damage up to 60m, falling to 60 at 100m (currently: 60 damage out to 20m, falling to 55 damage at 60m)
Kar98k: 80 damage up to 60m, falling to 65 at 100m (currently: 75 damage out to 20m, dropping to 60 damage at 60m)
Krag: 60 at all ranges (currently 54)
Gewehr M95/30: 80 damage up to 60m, falling to 70 at 100m (currently: 80 damage out to 30m, dropping to 60 damage at 60m)

SLRs get following adjustments:
Across the board 15% less recoil, 10% more ROF, 10% quicker reload.
With the current magazine size, you spend most of the time reloading, so that would make these guns more viable.

Also the number of bullets picked up from dead soldiers gets a 100% buff (4 instead of 2), giving an extra incentive to be on the front of the action

As you can see, most adjustments happen for recon, which needs some serious love and giving recon players more incentive to actually PTFO
What also needs addressing is the spawn screen / deployment menu, as you can currently only see spawn beacons from the deployment menu.
If spawn beacons were added to the "normal" spawn screen (like a squad mate), people would use these more frequently.

Please discuss.
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