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  • KingsportCowboy
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    mahdioof wrote:
    this is not campy game kiddo

    Yes. It. Is. Everyone screams 'you shouldn't be camping then hurrhurr'. Then what exactly do you want Mg players to do? What do you expect from us? If we don't lay down WE WON'T KILL ANYTHING. Why is that so hard to understand? You're asking for an INTENDED/DESINGED playstyle to be removed and there's so much whining from run n gun cod action man that dice is catering to it. At this rate there's no reason for MGs being in the game. I'm sorry you don't have the attention span to sit still but some of us actually do. This really boils my blood. Just because everyone zergs doesn't mean you're supposed to.

    "I have to learn how to actually play the game instead of camping the entire match and this upsets me"
    So basically you have no argument so you just attempt to rile me. Moron.

    Wasn't intending to rile you up, just summing up your argument in a more efficient manner. If the truth offends you then maybe you should consider varying your playstyle beyond going prone and aiming your sights down a corridor.

    I have many, many kills with other weapons & each class complete/almost complete except medic. I know how to play the game. I prefer a more passive, less chaotic experience because it feels a little bit more tactical and I don't like to zerg and use assault like everyone else. Aggressive recon and MG defense are my most played roles. Dice keeps throwing disadvantages at a class that's already fixed into a certain playstyle if they want to be even slightly effective because you all enable it. I keep enemies off our flag. I suppress the other team so my team can approach flags without getting sniped as much. I deter enemies away from areas so they are forced into fire by my teammates. What you call camping or hillhumping is essential. It IS the playstyle. It's the only way to play an MMG. The only way for me to have an advantage over an assault is if I see them before they see me, even then I won't necessarily win unless I'm already bi-podded. I understand you don't like that. That's fine, I don't like being one hit by bolt actions from 3 miles away but I don't cry about it repeatedly until bolt actions are useless. It's okay to not like something, but you want a whole style of play removed because it hurts your ego when you can't seamlessly sprint from one objective to another. You want my personal enjoyment to suffer so you can have a better one, and the bottom line is that's not okay.
  • JZAB15
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    Visibility never seemed like an issue for me, running on PC 24" 1080p. 1 or 2 times I remember being "duped" I just told my buddy exactly where he was (thanks kill cam), and he took care of him.
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