Feedback & Discussion - Battlefield V Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update #3



  • SerSkrungus
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    Look I really really like this game, that's why I get so upset over it, it was so balanced at the beginning ya had a couple things that needed fixing and it would have been almost perfect, but it feels like all the things that actually need nerfing/buffing don't get it, and the things that don't need it get nerfed/buffed unecessarily. I really feel like the medic and support class need some tweeks to make it so that squad play is back in, I really hate seeing teams of medics or supports because no one can kill them because the medics insta-heal and the supports sit in the back spamming the spot function and then snipe you from a million yards away, and the shotgun thing is silly, nerfing those a little bit, I got chunked 5 or 6 times in a row by folks sniping me with shotty's now. The bipods need to actually function right instead of putting me in and out of the bipod animation. Also can we reduce the amount of time some of the animations take? I could have gotten quite a few more vehicle kills if the sticky dynamite a n I'm at ion didn't take 45 minutes lol. Team stacking is horrendous, look at your team and it's either undermanned or the opposing team has all the fully leveled people and your team has 3 fully leveled people and a bunch of level 1's , hard to get anything done when it's spawn chunk city, VEHICLE IMBALANCE is still an issue the brits vehicles are too well equipped and too heavily armored or so agile ya can't hit them, for this to be a balanced, functional online gaming experience there has to be balance, lastly can we please fix the ribeyrolles, whatever update happened and now I can't hit squat with it no matter how it's specialized seems like it may as well be thrown into the smg category.
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