Combined arms needs one thing before I'll play it.

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I'm a solo player, which is a fancy way of me saying I bought a console while all my other friends bought PCs. So I pretty much use matchmaking for everything. So when combined arms finally launched (a game mode which I was looking forward to despite that little voice in my head telling me it won't be good), I was disappointed to see there was no matchmaking. I couldn't just select "matchmake combined arms" and be placed in a random mission with random people for a quick PvE match. Hopefully this gets added soon because I would really like to experience this mode at its best.


  • Jesus4000
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    While I agree that matchmaking would be nice for combined arms, you can still play them solo.
  • ElliotLH
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    What console are you on? If it's Xbox then you could try the Looking for Group section in the hopes of meeting some people to squad up with. I don't think there's anything like that on PS4 but I saw a few post in that subforum looking for people to play this mode with, so you might get some luck there.
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