Enigma Machine Decrypts (Re: Vehicles) from Feb 13 Patch

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High command has authorized the dissemination of the following information gleaned from the recently captured enemy documents. As you know, we employ a highly skilled team who are specially trained to decipher encrypted materials. They have worked tirelessly around the clock to bring you the following classified information. As always, this information is to be treated as top secret and not shared with anyone aside from your squadmates and waifu pillow.
            z 500.0 -> 600.0
FloatCurve 07e32f02c2524b4b81abc5614a6782c6
            X 0.800000011921 -> 0.40000000596
            X 0.699999988079 -> 0.233333334327
BulletEntityData 6db4a147d8f1594fb24c8204a2e93eae
    StartDamage 13.5 -> 22.0
            TimeToLive 3.0 -> 2.5
    EndDamage 13.5 -> 22.0
ROF penalty kicks in sooner
Direct Damage increased
Range decreased
FloatCurve ec3a74cca8da9fb3257f062a3d1ff3a1
            X 0.5 -> 0.40000000596
            X 0.300000011921 -> 0.20000000298
ROF penalty kick in sooner
        HeatPerBullet 0.0109999999404 -> 0.0149999996647
Overheats faster
Croc gets its own shell that is both good at AT and HE
StartDamage 132.0 -> 52.0
    EndDamage 132.0 -> 52.0
Stag and P38T don't get velocity or blast boost like other shells so unless they received a modifier adjust towards infantry then they may actually be worse against infantry post patch. Actually I believe They may have never done impact damage. Only blast damage - so no change there.

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    Finally VA Nerf.
  • Astr0damus
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    What can you tell us about President Trump and secret meetings with the Russians?
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