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  • Digger_CB
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    M_Rat13 wrote: »
    BR games are popular right now. Why wouldn't a games company, who wants to make money, include a BR mode in their game? Just be glad we get a full game on top of the gamemode for our money, unlike COD and PUBG (seriously, and people say BFV has a lack of content lol).

    Because they wasted so much time on the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ game mode.
  • Cpt_Blitz_26
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    Good news is Dice is taking over FS now, so that means less resources going to core game. Yay, right?

    But... but... many of those in favor of Firestorm and BR in Battlefield insisted that Firestorm was completely independent and didn't detract or take away from the base game in any way... that it was completely independent.

    Oh... so you're saying they were talking out their arses?

    Oh weird, that's what I was saying all along haha :D
  • Naskoni
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    Nope, don't want one. Waste of money, time, resources, marketing, what-have-you.

    Would have preferred 3 more maps for all modes in the actual game instead. That and the effing bugs and interface being fixed.
  • HardAimedKid
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    Lexen wrote: »
    Seems to me (and the votes seem to agree) that most BF fans don't care for BR very much and this was DICE attempt at drawing in BR fans to the franchise. Unfortunately it seems to be at the price of neglecting the current player base.

    Do you know how small of a portion of the BF community comes to these forums? You’re delusional lol.

    why dont you determine the approx of users who come to the forum, to total players, then it could be factored in the posts own findings to make a determination. its kinda the basic law of averages stuff if you think these numbers dont correlate to the totality. if you are so certain then offer a number instead of a question or assumption. i can tell you that firestorm is not beating ANY other BR at the moment.

    Oh and rightfully so, I’m not defending bfv in any way trust me, I think the game is subpar in every way, I do like firestorm though and I know plenty of people do like it, but I would not pay for the train wreck known as bfv to play it if I didn’t already have it.
  • Marine_IraHayes2
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    This is a “NO” BR for me.
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