The smaller Bugs/ Issues & Annoyances with the game that I've found.

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Bugs/ Issues:

-Invisible plane wings:
Not that it matters too much, but this is a visual issue that ruins the look of the game. I'm sure that anyone who has been in a dogfight, has seen this happen at least once. This has been happening since release and still hasnt been patched yet.

-Black screen of death when starting a new game:
Again, this is an issue that has been happening way before Christmas and always occurs when joining a new server. I'm not sure if it's a console only bug, but there are ways of overcoming the problem (like I did in the video). But it''s ****-poor that it hasn't been patched yet:

-Joining a squad member and the whole game glitching the f-out:
This is a relatively new issue, but it seems to have misplaced the framerate bug from earlier on in the year:

Really not great if you're prone to siezures ^

-Climbing banks and craters:
Whilst mounting and climbing flat obsticles has improved massively, climbing banks, craters or rocks needs way more smoothing out.

-Churchill MK VII:
I have the shortened howitzer barrel equiped on this tank, so I'm not sure if this is an isolated issue just for this loadout. But when reloading the main gun, the reload circle which indicates how long the reload will take doesn't show up.
It shows for the secondary machine gun for when it over heats, but not the main gun. It's quite annoying not being able to see how long it takes to reload.

-Crosshairs dissapear after crouching from a top gunner and switching seats:
I noticed that when playing as a top gunner in a tank, my crosshairs disappeared after switching seats when crouching.
The video explains a bit better, but if you watch the crosshairs, you can see that they disappear after I switching seats when I crouch. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or just a one off thing.


-Resupply stations for planes: These need to be more visible or at least we should have the option to change the colour and size. I know you can learn where abouts they are on the map, but they're incredibly hard to see on maps like Hamada or Fjelly 652, as they blend in white the bright and lighter backgrounds.

-The automatic quick reload of the PAK guns doesn't allow you to follow and correct your shots. Previously on BF1, you could hold down the aim and see where your shots landed. On this you can't.

-Recon class weapon assignments: They're ridiculous. They're doable, but in relation to the other weapon classes, they're ridiculous. They haven't been well thought out in terms of what the sniper role is.

-Semi-Automatic Snipers: The ZH-29 and I think the Sebslader 1906 are the only Semi-auto rifles that have the capacity to two shot kill. Why can't the others do this? The Model 8 for example is already tedious enough, despite having to follow up targets for 3 shots to land the kill.

-Weapon specialisations don't feel weapon specific. They don't come across in a way that the developers have thought about the weapon type and what its uses are and instead have all had the same generic specialisations.

- Being blown out of the tank when crouching in the top gunner position: I personally think that if you're in a top gunner position and you're crouching, you should ony be able to take damage from bombs from planes, not rocket or grenade attacks. I mean it doesn't really make sense if you're crouching in your tank and you get hit in the tracks, yet your body gets flung out like a ragdoll.

- Stockpiling rockets/ bombs when resupplying: If you drop 7 out of your 8 bombs and you make a respply run, it should restore to your to your maximum load. I understand that planes need balancing, but not this. It's just weird and doesn't make sense.

There are probably a couple more things that I could think of, but for now these are the few I could think of. I haven't given up on this game yet, but these bugs and issues should really start to be ironed out by now. I still have hope this can be a good game.


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    There is also the problem of being resurrected when the resurrecting person dies, you just stay lying on the ground and can't respawn. The only thing that helps is when someone will resurrect you one more time. Happened to me a couple of times and when the map is big, you can lay on the ground forever.
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