Vipers now recruiting (PC) - Win more games with Vipers

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Who we are:

If you were ever placed in a weak team, lost due to the unfairness of auto-balance in Bf4 and are fed up with it, you've come to the right place. We are all about playing the objective and assisting each other in unfair/unbalanced matches in order to win.

What you will get as a Viper:

Support in any Bf4 match upon request - currently in CQL/TDM game modes only
Training by masters - I personally have experience training players to pilot the Little Bird so will be happy to train you
Your own class - no more holding "E" by the heli spawn (when playing in a full platoon team)
High W/L - if you help people to win, they will help you out in the future
A cool personal emblem - permanent Vipers only

Currently looking for:

Attack Helicopter Gunner/Backup Pilot
Little Bird Pilot
Attack Boat
Attack Jet

Infantry players are always welcome.

Application process:

To join, please send me (BlameMyHacks) a friend request in battlelog.

Alternatively, please click
-> HERE <-
for the platoon page and apply from there.
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