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Hello, DICE! I played BF V for a long time and i think it's boring after first 20 hours. The biggest problem for me is not enough content. And new Tides of War live service makes game as to-do list. I like Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 for how much action in them and how much content they have. In Battlefield 1 for example we have all the maps in all the modes. It really makes game more different and interesting. I mostly play Team Deathmatch mode and there is not full list of maps in Battlefield V. I wanna play Belgium map in it.
About ToW. I wanna get all the weapon and vehicle by reaching level or making any mission like in BF 1, but also i wanna have chance to get this weapon and vehicle at any time, not only when ToW week is going. I lost chance to get a lot of content because i wasn't able to play BF V.

Talking about not enough content i can't say about maps. I know how it's hard to make new map to you, because you make awesome big maps. But i still think that it's too weak for you to release only 2 maps for 3 months. When you were making DLCs for BF 1 you were making a big bunch of new maps on every DLC for only 6 month. So if it will still go like that you will release only 4 maps for half of year. It's very small amout of maps for a half of year! I think i made mistake by buying this game at launch. So i could buy it in 2020 and get a very big amout of content and maps.
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