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Battlefield V Matchmaking Testing Feb 20, 2019

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Hello Battlefield V community!

Tomorrow, Feb 20th, 2019, we'll be doing some backend tweaks and testing to matchmaking.
During this testing, we'll be analyzing the behavior of this feature and looking for issues/bugs. The schedule for the testing windows is as follows:

Test 1: Starting at 1000 UTC / 2AM PST for 2 hours.
Test 2: Starting at 1300 UTC / 4AM PST for 2 hours.

Please note: There should be ZERO impact to our players during these two testing periods tomorrow, but you may notice odd behavior when matchmaking during these windows.
If you DO experience significant impact to matchmaking, please let us know by hitting us up on the official Battlefield Twitter or EA Help Twitter.


The Teams at EA/DICE
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