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Why is battlefield 1 so much better than battlefield v



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    What's the deal I'm going battlefield 1 and hook up to serve immediately it would battlefield 5 it's ridiculous what's the difference what did EA and dice mess up

    BF1 had 1 extra year of pre-release development, and is pretty optimized now. AND, was the first full release after the BF4 debacle(there were really long loading times at the beginning). It's become a masterpiece in many ways.

    BF5 on the other hand was released too soon and has had little optimization.

    That said, try getting a usb solid state drive. Really helps load times.

    I really liked BF1 from the get go and the forums were full to bursting of people slagging it off. Now, there’s a common theme of how great BF1 was, makes me chuckle.
    Just wait till BF6 comes out, it’ll be slaughtered to high heaven whilst people argue just how great BFV is. I love BFV by the way.

    I’m sure you know this, already @moosehunter1969, since you’ve been around the block, but this has been the pattern I’ve witnessed for the last 10 years.

    BF3 Release: “Worst BF game ever! Bring back BF2!”
    BF4 Release: “Worst BF ever! I miss BF3!”
    BFH Release: “Worst BF ever! Why can’t we have BF4 Part 2?!?”
    BF1 Release: “Worst game ever! At least it’s better than Hardline, though...”
    BFV Release: “Worst BF ever! Not my Battlefield! BF1 was so much better!
    BF6 Release: “Most broken game in the history of games! I’m going back to BFV!”

    ITs funny how quickly the community forgets this exact thing.

    Bang on, give it 3-6 months and BFV will take it again. The game is balanced beautifully. And every time you step onto a BFv MAP your making "Saving Private Ryan" all over again.

    And go figure thats how this game needs to be played, no more running and gunning, time to be strategic in your advance.

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